FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH's JEREMY SPENCER To Open Tattoo Removal Business In Las Vegas

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FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH's JEREMY SPENCER To Open Tattoo Removal Business In Las Vegas

Сообщение kosa » 30 мар 2015, 23:00

FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH's JEREMY SPENCER To Open Tattoo Removal Business In Las Vegas
FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH co-founder and drummer Jeremy Spencer will open the inaugural location of Phaze Laser Tattoo Removal on Friday, April 3 at noon pacific in las Vegas, Nevada. Spencer will be on site most of the day as the business opens its doors at 1131 East Tropicana at Maryland Parkway.

Spencer was sixteen when he got his first ink. A decade later, he came to the realization Yosemite Sam wasn't a tattoo he wanted, so he had his first experience with tattoo laser removal. Even though he had numbing injections, the experience was tedious and painful.

Now covered from fingertip to earlobes with colourful ink, as he prepares to open his new business in his hometown of Las Vegas, Spencer shares: "People sometimes regret having a tattoo with a former lover's name, or one that was poorly executed. It's called tattoo regret. Like me, they may want the old one faded enough to have new ink covering the original or removed completely.

"There are all types of lasers of varying degrees of quality. Poor-quality machines require many sessions and some even lead to damaged skin.

"I searched everywhere until I found the latest and best technology. Others may offer a cheaper fix, but you get what you pay for."

Phaze Laser Tattoo Removal will feature the Astanza Duality laser that combines two advanced specifications — an ultra-short (6000 picoseconds) pulse duration with high-pulse energy for greater ink shattering. Unlike other lasers that can't offer effective treatments beyond the first few treatments, the Duality pushes through barriers to offer complete removal of stubborn ink later in the removal process.

The store will be open seven days a week from noon to 8:00 p.m. Spencer and the tattoo removal technicians will be at the grand opening, available to explain the process, and begin scheduling consultations and appointments. The first hundred people who sign up will receive a 50 percent discount on their first session.

Spencer adds: "Laser technology has come a long way since my first experience. I'm happy to offer the latest and best available."
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